I am new here

I want to visit

If you are looking for a church or visit us, our desire is that you feel welcome, we know that visiting a church for the first time is a whole experience, a mixture of sensations and emotions. We have all gone through that, but we encourage you to take this step and visit us.

During your visit you will find people who will give you a warm hug for your visit and will give you some pamphlets and a bible so you can follow the biblical teaching, our desire is that you feel at home.

We have our weekly schedule, in which you can visit us and enjoy the service.

What to expect on your visit?

We meet on Sundays from 10:00 in the morning, we begin with 30 minutes of praise, where we raise our voices to worship our living God. We worship God for what He has done for us through the death and resurrection of His Son. We are a praising people and we lift our voices here on earth as a practice for our eternal worship in heaven. we have a contemporary style of music.

In addition, we have a time of expository preaching (verse by verse) from the Bible, the preaching is 50 minutes expounded by our pastor. At the end we have a time in which we announce the events of the week and another time in which we present the offerings to the Lord as a token of his thanks and worship in a prudent and personal way.

Who Can Visit Us

Calvary La Semilla is a church attended by a wide variety of people from different social contexts and backgrounds, we welcome and embrace everyone. We believe this reflects the heart of God, as He desires all people to come and know Him through Jesus Christ.

Calvary La Semilla is a church of acceptance and love, showing the grace and forgiveness that Jesus offers.

We do not have a dress code, Jesus accepted people as they were when they came to him, so that they could be transformed in their relationship with him. We have no preferences.

Children ages 3 to 11 participate in the worship time and then go to their Sunday School classrooms where they are taught according to their age.

Why we teach expositionally

We teach expositionally, but what is expository teaching? God gave man 66 books in the bible, we believe it is essential that we study book by book and verse by verse, from genesis to apocalypse, we are not opposed to thematic teachings we use them at different times during the year, but we like as the apostle Paul said: “I have not refused to declare the whole counsel of God” Acts 20:27, we believe that the Spirit of God works through the Word of God in the hearts of God’s people. The job of the expositor is to determine what God has said in the Scriptures and then convey it to God’s people so that God’s voice can be heard. At Calvary La Semilla Church you can expect to receive a solid Bible study at every service.